Windows XP End Of Service Life

  • What is Windows XP end of service?

    Basically Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP. This means no further updates or service packs and a lot of their software will no longer work on it. We don’t recommend that you continue using Windows XP as it is vulnerable without having updates. Contact us to find out about upgrading your computer or buying a new one.
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  • Why do hard drives fail so often?

    Hard drives are made of mechanical parts. They have a disk that spins around on a motor and heads that read the data. They look a bit like a record player on the inside. With all of these moving parts, there are so many things that can go wrong, especially with the accuracy that they need to work properly.

  • Should I get a desktop, laptop or tablet?

    Some people think that the desktop computer is obsolete. This isn’t the case, all computer types serve their purpose. A desktop computer is ideal for typing, office work and gaming. A laptop can do all these things but not quite as well. The advantage is, it is portable. A lot of tablets can do all the same things again but it is awkward and difficult to type and do other tasks that are easy on other types of computers. You should think about what you will be using the computer for and if it needs to be portable or not.

  • How does my computer get viruses?

    Computers can get viruses in many different ways. It is in the best interests of people who write viruses for you to get them. They are well aware of anti-virus applications and write their programs to get around them. Anti-viruses can’t be made until the viruses have been written, so there is always a window where they can get it.

A few common ways of getting viruses are:

  • Going to a website that is infected

    You might be clicking on a link from a social media site, or just clicking on a link from a Google search. The website might look harmless enough but code can run in the background that can cause your computer to get infected.

  • Opening an infected email

    Some emails can be infected. They can have links and attachments that lead to your computer getting infected. They may even come from someone you know because when computers are infected with these viruses, often the viruses will send emails on their behalf.

  • Installing an application from an unknown source

    When people need useful programs, they will usually do a quick internet search and find a free application that does what they need. People who write malicious software are aware of this and make programs for the most common searches. Sometimes these programs will do what they are supposed to but usually they carry ads and install other unwanted software or viruses.