Home Support


We can take care of all of your home computer and technology needs. We do all types of computer repairs, upgrades and sales. You can bring your computer in to us or we can come out to you. We can tailor a solution for your home networking. If you want to connect all the computers in the house to each other, stream movies online from your TV forget everyone printing to the one printer, we can do it all for you.

At Computers Unplugged, we provide a wide range of services to home customers. We can do virus removal, new computers, computer parts, upgrades and more.

We can come out to you and help you with internet or printing issues, or assist you with networking all of your home computers together or even help get a home media streaming service set up. We have a lot more equipment in our shop, so we can do a lot more in-house, so if your computer needs a clean-up or isn’t functioning properly, it might be better to drop it off at one of our locations.

Desktop & Laptop Repairs

We can work on computers of all shapes and sizes; desktops, laptops, all-in-ones and more. We can diagnose and fix complicated hardware issues and our suppliers provide us with a large range of parts making almost any repair possible.

New Computers & Upgrades

We sell new desktops and laptops of all types. If you’re not sure what you are after, we have an extensive knowledge of different hardware and their applications and talk you through what you need for whatever you are looking to use it for. We custom build desktops to any specification and build powerful workstations and gaming computers to suit your budget. If your computer is going a little slowly, you’re running out of space or you want the latest technology we can help you out with an upgrade.

Virus Removal

We have experience removing all types of virus infection. Even if the virus has rendered the computer unusable, we can usually get it back to normal. A lot of people will just reformat the computer and start again but that means a lot of hassle reinstalling programs, finding and recovering data and getting everything back how you like it. We remove the viruses, clean out the computer, check the hardware and get everything running smoothly, back to how you like it.

Remote Support

At Computers Unplugged, we use a program called Team Viewer to do remote desktop connections. A Team Viewer remote desktop connection allows us to take remote control of your computer using the internet, while allowing you to view everything we are doing.
If you are after quality laptop repairs around Pakenham, Drouin or Cranbourne, Computers Unplugged should be your first choice. Get in touch with us today, and we will get back to you with information regarding our home support.

Please see our Remote Support page for more information.